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The Art of Mussar: A Study and Practice Group Blending Mussar and Expressive Arts

This course was offered in Winter/Spring, 2019.

HamsaThe study and practice of Mussar offers a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Its focus on tikkun middot, the refinement of character, enables us to ground our spiritual aspirations and live a life of joy and personal integrity.

Tikkun middot is a practice shared by both Jewish mystics and mussar masters alike. It involves deepening self-awareness (cheshbon ha’nefesh), building spiritual muscle in the areas where we are challenged and mastering reactive, habitual patterns.

The group, led by Estelle Frankel with occasional guest artists will blend text study with guided meditation, journaling, poetry and expressive arts. The curriculum for the 4-sessions will draw upon the following middot: humility, courage, faith/trust, equanimity, patience/perseverance, compassion, generosity, honesty.


# Sessions
Date & time

Tuesdays, January 22, 29, February 12, 26
7:15 - 8:45 pm

$100 (100%)
$80 (80%)
$60 (60%)

As a nonprofit, Lehrhaus relies on tuition to help cover the direct cost of our course offerings. We offer a tiered pricing structure to ensure that cost is not a barrier to participation. Please evaluate your own ability to pay, and select the option that makes it possible for you to participate. To inquire about pricing or scholarships, please email us at info@lehrhaus.org.

Session Time Days Location Instructors
Jan 22 7:15 PM–8:45 PM Tue Chochmat HaLev Estelle Frankel
Jan 29 7:15 PM–8:45 PM Tue Chochmat HaLev Estelle Frankel
Feb 12 7:15 PM–8:45 PM Tue Chochmat HaLev Estelle Frankel
Feb 26 7:15 PM–8:45 PM Tue Chochmat HaLev Estelle Frankel


Chochmat HaLev

2215 Prince Street

Berkeley, CA 94705



Estelle Frankel

Estelle FrankelEstelle Frankel, MFT is a practicing psychotherapist, spiritual advisor, and seasoned teacher of Jewish mysticism and meditation who blends depth psychology with the healing wisdom and spiritual practices of Kabbalah. She has taught Jewish studies in Israel and throughout the U.S. for over 40 years and is the author of: Sacred Therapy and The Wisdom of Not Knowing. Learn more at www.estellefrankel.com.