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Where We Are Heading: Voices From Our Community Imagining What's Next

This course was offered in Winter/Spring, 2012.

This program will be valuable to everyone who is interested and invested in the Bay Area's Jewish future. Fifteen short presentations will provide a glimpse of the future of our diverse and changing Bay Area Jewish community.

Voices of our Community:
  • Kim Carter: I was born Black and Jewish. Why do people keep asking me how I got to be Jewish?

  • Marc Dollinger: I have been a long-time supporter of Jewish organizations. What will their role be in the coming decades?

  • Shayna Gelender: I am a secular Reform Jew who just turned 30. How do I live my Judaism to advance social justice in my community?

  • Patricia Hellman Gibbs: My family came here in the 1850s. What do I do now with this legacy?

  • Zelig Golden: I was an environmental lawyer, and now I co-lead Wilderness Torah. How can we revitalize Jewish life by reconnecting Jewish traditions to the cycles of nature?

  • Eliron Hamburger: I was born a girl, but matured as a man. Is there a place for me in the Jewish community as transgender?

  • Abi Karlin-Resnick and Andy Cheng: We are an Asian-Jewish couple raising our kids as Jews. How compatible have our traditions been?

  • David and Mira Peretz: We were born in Israel, immigrated to the US, and raised our children here. Why did our son enlist in the Israeli army?

  • Angela Privin: I was born in Ukraine and raised in San Francisco. Where is my generation going?

  • Heather Richman: I was raised Christian, married a Jew, and building a Jewish home. How have I been seeking my place in Judaism?

  • Ava Sayaka Rosen: I am part Japanese and a whole Jew since birth. When will people stop welcoming me?

  • Lori Rosenstein: I was born in Korea, dipped in the Mikvah, and raised Jewish. What did I do with it?

  • Robi Feliz Saphyra: I am an observant, educated, involved, and networked Jewish woman employed by the larger Jewish community and active in the smaller Orthodox community. Why do I feel like I have a foot in two different worlds?

  • Henry Schreibman: I was in the center of Northern California Jewish Day School life and now I am a Jewish professor in a Catholic University and a public university. What is my new interfaith life like?

  • Rona Teitelman: I am a single Jewish mother. Where do I find support in the community?

Wrap-up: Prof. Ari Y. Kelman, Stanford University

This event is preceded by How We Got Here: Reflecting On The Past 150 Years on February 12 in Berkeley.


# Sessions
Date & time

Sunday, February 26
1:00 - 5:00 pm

$25 at the door
$15 pre-registration
Session Time Days Location Instructors
Feb 26 1:00 PM–5:00 PM Sun OFJCC TBA


Oshman Family JCC

3921 Fabian Way

Palo Alto, CA 94306