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Courses by region: East Bay

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Advanced Biblical Hebrew 3: Angels in the Bible, and Beyond

L310-PHB Instructors: Grist Starting: 04/07/2019 Location: A Private Home in Berkeley

From the Hellenistic to early Rabbinic period (ca 300 BCE-500 CE), the character and roles of angels in early Judaism changed dramatically. Starting with passages from the Book of Enoch to Daniel and on to ...

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Beginning Yiddish

L150-BJ Instructors: Blady Starting: 01/14/2019 Location: JCC East Bay

Learn this rich and colorful language in a relaxed, irreverent and heimisheh atmosphere. All you need is some zitz-fleish (butt + patience) an ardent desire to learn, an interest in Jewish culture, and an ability ...

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Discover Israel at 70 Celebration

H610-CC Instructors: Grist Starting: 02/01/2019 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

This six session web-based course offers the panorama of the Jewish experience in the Holy Land from ancient Israel to the modern state. It also includes "Virtual Visits" informative introductions to 120 sites in Israel ...

Dr. Avivah Zornberg at Chochmat HaLev

T500-CHL Instructors: Zornberg Starting: 05/12/2019 Location: Chochmat HaLev

Dr. Avivah Zornberg is one of the most dynamic and compelling interpreters of the Bible alive. She weaves together ideas from literature, secular philosophy, psychology and the ancient teachers’ take on the texts. It is ...

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Intermediate Prayerbook/Biblical Hebrew 2A

L200A-PHB Instructors: Grist Starting: 04/07/2019 Location: A Private Home in Berkeley

The third semester of the introductory sequence of Biblical Hebrew grammar, this course covers the more complex features of the language commonly found in Biblical and Siddur (prayerbook) texts. We will continue to introduce features ...

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Intermediate/Advanced Biblical Hebrew 2D

L200D-PHB Instructors: Grist Starting: 04/07/2019 Location: A Private Home in Berkeley

We will complete our overview of the Hebrew verb system, and continue to build Biblical text translation and analysis skills, using Bibleworks software in class. We will also translate sample texts from the Hebrew Bible. ...

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Introduction to the Jewish Experience: Traditions of Judaism

I120C-CBE Instructors: Adar Starting: 03/27/2019 Location: Congregation Beth El

Since the very beginning, the People of Israel have had multiple understandings and expressions of a living Torah. In this class we will study the varieties of Judaism in the 21st century. That list includes ...

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Introduction to the Jewish Experience: Traditions of Judaism (Online only)

I100C-OL Instructors: Adar Starting: 03/31/2019 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

This is an online-only class. If you cannot attend in-person sessions at Congregation Beth El on Wednesday evenings, join us online on Sunday afternoons from 3:30 - 5pm Pacific Time (6:30 - 8pm Eastern Time.) ...

Lehrhaus Talmud Circle - East Bay

TC850-BJ Instructors: Richman Starting: 10/14/2018 Location: JCC East Bay

Lehrhaus Talmud Circle: Tractate Ta’anit – Acts of God: Religious Responses to Natural Disasters Rabbinic tales of drought, disaster, and charismatic holy men illuminate critical questions about power, ethics, and ecology in Jewish late antiquity. ...

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Passover & Personal Transformation: Insights from Kabbalah and Mussar to Enliven Your Passover Seder

P500C-LJ Instructors: Frankel Starting: 04/09/2019 Location: Chochmat HaLev

As we relive the ancient ancestral journey from slavery to freedom on Passover night, we express gratitude for our own freedom and commit ourselves to the liberation of others. We also seek inner freedom--the ability ...

Philosophy Circle: Origins of Modern Thought - East Bay

PC650-BJ Instructors: Rosen Starting: 10/17/2018 Location: JCC East Bay

Who are the “modern” thinkers that have informed and influenced how many Jews, worldwide, think today? We will reveal the thinkers and ideas influencing Jewish racial identity, the emerging Jewish State, post-Holocaust theology, feminism, new ...

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Reading Yiddish Texts

L350-BJ Instructors: Chaver Starting: 01/28/2019 Location: JCC East Bay

In this course, we will read and discuss selections of Yiddish prose and poetry from the 19th and 20th centuries. The class will focus on comprehension, based not only on the lexicon and syntax of ...

Taking Risks: Joseph Pell, Partisan Fighter and Bay Area Entrepreneur

H400-RMH Instructors: Rosenbaum Starting: 04/28/2019 Location: Richmond Museum of History

A youth who fought back from the forests during World War II, immigrated to Northern California and became one of its leading real estate developers. One of his earliest successes was the wildly popular Moo's ...

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The Art of Mussar: A Study and Practice Group Blending Mussar and Expressive Arts

P500A-LJ Instructors: Frankel Starting: 01/22/2019 Location: Chochmat HaLev

The study and practice of Mussar offers a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Its focus on tikkun middot, the refinement of character, enables us to ground our spiritual aspirations and live a life ...

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The Jews of Italy: A Journey of 2,000 Years

H605-CC Instructors: Grist Starting: 02/01/2019 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

This web-based course offers six hours of interactive information about the history and culture of Italian Jewry over two millennia. Whether you're planning a trip to Italy or simply interested in exploring the topic digitally, ...

The Zohar Circle in Aramaic

PC600-CBE Instructors: Matt Starting: 09/26/2018 Location: Congregation Beth El

The Zohar Circle - continues for a fourth year under the leadership of Professor Daniel C. Matt and utilizing his epic translation and annotation: The Zohar: Pritzker Edition. We will discuss selections from Volume 4 ...

Zohar Off the Page - A Visual and Hands-On Exploration of Kabbalistic Diagrams

PC-650-LJ Instructors: Rosen Starting: 03/04/2019 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

The Zohar asks its readers to continuously diagram the 10 Divine energies (“The Sefirot”) that constitute the cosmos. While the Tree of Life is the most famous of these diagrams, Kabbalah is full of other ...