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Courses by date: March 2019

7 courses.

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Introduction to the Jewish Experience: Traditions of Judaism

I120C-CBE Instructors: Adar Starting: 03/27/2019 Location: Congregation Beth El

Since the very beginning, the People of Israel have had multiple understandings and expressions of a living Torah. In this class we will study the varieties of Judaism in the 21st century. That list includes ...

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Introduction to the Jewish Experience: Traditions of Judaism (Online only)

I100C-OL Instructors: Adar Starting: 03/31/2019 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

This is an online-only class. If you cannot attend in-person sessions at Temple Sinai on Wednesday evenings, join us online on Sunday afternoons from 3:30 - 5pm Pacific Time (6:30 - 8pm Eastern Time.) Students ...

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Karaite, Rabbanite, or Other: Affiliation in an Evolving Religious Landscape

H200-JCL Instructors: Lichaa Starting: 03/17/2019 Location: Jewish Community Library

Shawn Lichaa will bring examples from Karaite Jewish literature and liturgy to show how a minority Jewish movement dealt with external pressures while trying to preserve its unique heritage. Karaite Judaism is characterized by its ...

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The Art of Mussar: A Study and Practice Group Blending Mussar and Expressive Arts

P500B-LJ Instructors: Frankel Starting: 03/19/2019 Location: Chochmat HaLev

The study and practice of Mussar offers a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Its focus on tikkun middot, the refinement of character, enables us to ground our spiritual aspirations and live a life ...

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The History of Antisemitism: The Longest Hatred

H500-SJ Instructors: Bramlett Starting: 03/05/2019 Location: JCCSF

This five-week course will present an overview of the long history of antisemitism from its earliest roots in the Greco-Roman world to its present resurgence in Europe and the United States on the left and ...

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The Origins of the Bible and How to Read It: Prophecy and Wisdom Literature

H300-CBE Instructors: Morrison Starting: 03/07/2019 Location: Congregation Beth El

To many contemporary readers, the Bible often feels impenetrable and outdated, principally because of the manner in which Jewish texts have been taught in religious schools for generations. This three section course utilizes methods for ...

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Zohar Off the Page - A Visual and Hands-On Exploration

PC-650-LJ Instructors: Rosen Starting: 03/04/2019 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

When you enter the world of the Zohar, as Daniel Matt teaches, you must “engage the text and join the search for meaning. Follow the words to what lies beyond and within; open the gates ...