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Courses by date: February 2019

5 courses.

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Discover Israel at 70 Celebration

H610-CC Instructors: Grist Starting: 02/01/2019 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

This six session web-based course offers the panorama of the Jewish experience in the Holy Land from ancient Israel to the modern state. It also includes "Virtual Visits" informative introductions to 120 sites in Israel ...

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Judaism and the Black Experience: Rethinking Jewish Identity in the Twenty-First Century

H300-JCL Instructors: Haynes Starting: 02/24/2019 Location: Jewish Community Library

The Soul of Judaism: Jews of African Descent in America (NYU Press, 2018) offers the first exploration of the full diversity of Black Jews, including bi-racial Jews, adoptees, converts to Judaism, and Black Hebrews and ...

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Lehrhaus Talmud Circle - Shomrei Torah

TC850-ST Instructors: Wolf-Prusan Starting: 02/03/2019 Location: Congregation Shomrei Torah

Lehrhaus Talmud Circle: Tractate Ta’anit – Acts of God: Religious Responses to Natural Disasters Rabbinic tales of drought, disaster, and charismatic holy men illuminate critical questions about power, ethics, and ecology in Jewish late antiquity. ...

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The Jews of Italy: A Journey of 2,000 Years

H605-CC Instructors: Grist Starting: 02/01/2019 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

This web-based course offers six hours of interactive information about the history and culture of Italian Jewry over two millennia. Whether you're planning a trip to Italy or simply interested in exploring the topic digitally, ...

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Violence and Non-violent Resistance in Jewish Tradition

T300-CBS Instructors: Simon Starting: 02/05/2019 Location: Congregation Beth Sholom

This class is a four-part study of violence and non-violent resistance by Jews in different periods of Jewish history. The first session looks at some of the uses of violence in the Torah and rabbinic ...