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Courses by date: November 2018

6 courses.

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Floodtide: Europe and its Jews Amidst the Refugee Crisis

H350-CBT Instructors: Rosenbaum Starting: 11/10/2018 Location: Congregation B'nai Tikvah

The recent migration of about 1.5 million mostly Muslim refugees has convulsed the continent and its Jewish communities as nothing since the fall of the Berlin Wall. We will examine the prospects for Europe and ...

MAKE Hanukkah: A Pre-Hanukkah Maker Summit

X500-CJM Instructors: Aranoff Starting: 11/18/2018 Location: The Contemporary Jewish Museum

Experience the thrill of unexpected discoveries, the focused energy from working with a havruta (study/creation partner), and the joy of learning while preparing for Hanukkah in personal, tangible ways. Adult-centered, but open to all ages. ...

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Philosophy Circle: Origins of Modern Thought - Palo Alto

PC650A-ECH Instructors: Eisenberg Starting: 11/05/2018 Location: Congregation Etz Chayim

Who are the “modern” thinkers that have informed and influenced how many Jews, worldwide, think today? We will reveal the thinkers and ideas influencing Jewish racial identity, the emerging Jewish State, post-Holocaust theology, feminism, new ...

The Day the Holocaust Began

H300-BE Instructors: Rosenbaum Starting: 11/11/2018 Location: Congregation Beth Emek

On the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, we will reflect on the meaning of terror unleashed by a totalitarian regime, its cataclysmic consequences, and its lessons for our own day.

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The Fabulous Fillmore and San Francisco’s East European Jews

H250-RGP Instructors: Rosenbaum Starting: 11/09/2018 Location: Rhoda Goldman Plaza

A center of Orthodoxy, Zionism, socialism, and the Yiddish theater, the lively neighborhood was the hub of local Yiddish-speaking culture for decades. It was also an entertainment mecca for the whole city, and Jews were ...

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What Makes a Home “Jewish”?

P100-CBI Instructors: Kepler Starting: 11/04/2018 Location: Congregation B'nai Israel

A Jew may ask their spouse to agree to have a “Jewish” home. But what does that mean? To a non-Jewish loved one it may mean simply that some of the people in the house ...