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Current courses by topic: Biblical Interpretations

7 courses.

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Back to the Prophets — The Book of I KINGS: The King (DAVID) is Dead; Long Live King Solomon!

T106B-CCD Instructors: Cohen Starting: 01/11/2018 Location: Contra Costa Jewish Day School

This Winter, we move from the Davidic period to the Solomonic. In the fall, we watched as King David’s brilliant public career was utterly derailed by his personal and family weaknesses. David’s end was one ...

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Back to the Prophets — The Book of I KINGS: The King (SOLOMON) is Dead; Long Live the Kings?!?

T106C-CCD Instructors: Cohen Starting: 04/12/2018 Location: Contra Costa Jewish Day School

This Spring, Israel’s (and our) wonder at the United Kingdom of Israel under the Davidic Dynasty comes to an end. Solomon’s unwise policies have alienated many of the Tribes of Israel. When Solomon’s son and ...

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Moses Veiled and Unveiled

T300-JCL Instructors: Zornberg Starting: 04/16/2018 Location: Jewish Community Library

The narrative of revelation at Mount Sinai is immediately followed by the catastrophic episode of the Golden Calf. Dr. Zornberg will explore Moses’ role in this episode and answer the question: Why does his face ...

Passover Bootcamp

H300-CBT Instructors: Morrison Starting: 03/25/2018 Location: Congregation B'nai Tikvah

Join Lehrhaus with the CCJCC and Contra Costa synagogues to present PASSOVER BOOTCAMP on Sunday, March 25, 3-5:30pm. Presenters and Topics: Rabbi Goldblatt Creating a Meaningful Family Seder Rabbi Gutterman and Cantor Chabon, TBD Rabbi ...

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The Book of Esther

BC700-CBI Instructors: Grist Starting: 02/07/2018 Location: Congregation B'nai Israel

Esther's story is exciting, romantic and disturbing. Set in the lavish court of the Persian king 2,400 years ago, this tale takes readers through the dramatic ups and downs of our heroine. It also provides ...

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What Really Happened in the Exodus? A Discovery Day for Kids and Parents

H250-SH Instructors: Grist Starting: 03/18/2018 Location: Congregation Shir Hadash

Jewish tradition tells us to live Passover as if we ourselves were there with Moses over 3,000 years ago. This class gives you a chance to do just that. We will discover the land of ...

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When Jesus Spoke Yiddish: Translating the Gospels for Jews

H300-JCL Instructors: Seidman Starting: 04/29/2018 Location: Jewish Community Library

Among the many translations of the New Testament, those directed at Jews present a particular set of challenges and opportunities. This lecture traces the four-hundred-year history of the Yiddish translation of the New Testament. While ...