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By topic

  • Lehrhaus Talmud Circle
    Learn Talmud with a community of learners around the Bay Area
  • Building Jewish Bridges
    Interfaith programming and diversity programs
  • Contemporary Issues
    Interfaith, Israel education, Bay Area Jews, Jewish culture, theology, practice, spirituality, Mussar & ethics
  • History
    Ancient and medieval history, modern history
  • Introduction to Judaism
    The basics of Jewish history, culture, and religion
  • Language
    Prayerbook/Biblical Hebrew, modern Hebrew, Yiddish
  • Lehrhaus Philosophy Circle
    Study texts from some of the greatest minds in Jewish thought
  • Online courses
    Online-only courses and in-class courses with simultaneous online participants (students attending the class live may view recordings of each session from home)
  • Text and Thought
    Biblical interpretations, classic texts, Kabbalah and mysticism, Talmud, philosophy, comparative religion, contemporary literature