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Courses by region: North Bay

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Beginning Yiddish from Scratch

L150-KS Instructors: Blady Starting: 02/02/2017 Location: Congregation Kol Shofar

Learn this rich and colorful language in a relaxed, irreverent and heimisheh atmosphere. All you need is some zitz-fleish (butt + patience) an ardent desire to learn, an interest in Jewish culture, and an ability ...

Biblical and Prayerbook Hebrew

L100-KS Instructors: Farber Starting: 01/10/2017 Location: Congregation Kol Shofar

The course is designed for those who want to learn Hebrew by studying the Siddur סידור (prayer book) in its original authentic language. Learn to translate and form commentaries based on the root of the ...

Books Beyond Borders at the Osher Marin JCC

T300-OMJ Instructors: Siegel Starting: 09/27/2016 Location: Osher Marin JCC

American Jewish World Service is partnering with the Osher Marin JCC to launch Books Beyond Borders in Marin! Five times a year, we will meet to discuss fiction and non-fiction works that relate to AJWS’s ...

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Dying/Death/Burial: What Jews Do

G300-KS Instructors: Kelman Starting: 04/23/2017 Location: Congregation Kol Shofar

There are so many things we were not able to learn as children, and here is an opportunity to become confident and comfortable with: Vidui (the Jewish way of last words), Jewish laws, customs and ...

Judaism 101

I100-KS Instructors: Leider Starting: 09/18/2016 Location: Congregation Kol Shofar

This 18-week course is for those who would like to learn about Judaism from the ground up, or to fill in gaps from what they learned (or didn’t learn) as a child. The class also ...

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Lehrhaus Philosophy Circle: The Zohar (Marin)

T600-OMJ Instructors: Brown Starting: 11/09/2016 Location: Osher Marin JCC

Lehrhaus Philosophy Circle - The Zohar continues for a second year under the leadership of Professor Daniel C. Matt and utilizing his epic translation and annotation of The Zohar: Pritzker Edition. We will discuss selections ...

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Mourning And Grief: After The Death

G500-KS Instructors: Levy Starting: 05/07/2017 Location: Congregation Kol Shofar

In this essential session we will address Kaddish basics, what the Jewish tradition says about mourning and grief and memory, and how to gather community support. We will create a safe place to share special ...

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Philosophy Circle Mini Course: Readings from HaLevi, Maimonides, Buber, and Heschel

PC500-CST Instructors: Wolf-Prusan Starting: 04/19/2017 Location: Congregation Shomrei Torah

On four very different nights we will dip into the wellspring of the Jewish philosophical library in this mini survey course for Lehrhaus Philosophy Circle. HaLevi and Maimonides created foundational thought on Jewish identity at ...

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The Art of Comfort

G400-KS Instructors: Fendel Starting: 03/26/2017 Location: Congregation Kol Shofar

There is deep Jewish wisdom when visiting the sick (“What do I say?”) and consoling the the mourners (“What do I do during shiva?") Sometimes it’s not just family, but also supporting caregivers, comforting the ...

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The Bay Area Community Talmud Circle - Marin

TC850-OMJ Instructors: Aranoff Starting: 10/30/2016 Location: Osher Marin JCC

The Bay Area Community Talmud Circle is a growing, dynamic, and welcoming community of adult students engaged in modern Talmud study and active conversation. This unique project is a collaboration of Lehrhaus Judaica and The ...

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The Book of Ruth

BC700-CBI Instructors: Grist Starting: 03/07/2017 Location: Congregation B'nai Israel

This brief but fascinating text touches so many bases in our understanding of the Biblical world: daily life, family, clan and national identity, and the roles and limitations of women. It also serves as a ...

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The Final Mitzvot (Getting Your House In Order)

G200-KS Instructors: Stewart Starting: 03/05/2017 Location: Congregation Kol Shofar

This session will de-mystify Advance Planning, Ethical Wills, and Ethical Dilemmas: extending life, organ donation, genetic testing, abortion, autopsy, stem-cell usage. This is part of a six-part series called Walking in the Valley of the ...

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The Other Conversation

G100-KS Instructors: Salkin Starting: 03/19/2017 Location: Congregation Kol Shofar

In this session we will explore how we talk with/to our children/spouse/partner about end of life wishes. We will share practical knowledge regarding planning a funeral, choosing a cemetery, and selecting a plot. And the ...

Traces of Sepharad (Huellas de Sefarad): Etchings of Judeo-Spanish Proverbs

A350-OMJ Instructors: Shanker Starting: 01/26/2017 Location: Osher Marin JCC

Cozy up with hot cider and treats to learn more about the history and inspiration for the exhibit. This exhibition shows etchings of Judeo-Spanish proverbs that provide a unique window into the world of medieval ...

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When Life is Over: Where is Your Soul? Jewish Perspectives on the Afterlife

G600-KS Instructors: Levy Starting: 04/30/2017 Location: Congregation Kol Shofar

In this conversation we will survey the diverse range of Jewish conceptions of the soul, the afterlife, resurrection, and reincarnation. We will also reflect on some of the big questions at the end of life: ...