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Courses by location: Temple Sinai

Temple Sinai

2808 Summit Street

Oakland, CA 94609


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Mussar for Modern Life


This is a continuation series with a modular structure. Participants can register for the four-session series or take individual sessions, and new folks are welcome at any time. Mussar is a centuries-old Jewish system of ...

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Introduction to the Jewish Experience


Introduction to the Jewish Experience is a three-part series of classes to introduce students to Jewish culture and practice. Students come from a wide variety of backgrounds: Jews who did not receive a Jewish education, ...

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Introduction to the Jewish Experience: Israel and Texts

I120B-TS Instructors: Adar Starting: 01/17/2018 Location: Temple Sinai

The land of Israel has been central to Jewish history, both ancient and modern. This class will examine the history ancient Israel, the beginnings of rabbinic Judaism, and the modern return to the land. We ...

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Introduction to the Jewish Experience: Lifecycles and Holidays

I120A-TS Instructors: Adar Starting: 10/18/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

Communal and individual Jewish life dances to the rhythm of two different cycles: Jewish lifecycle events and the cycle of the Jewish year. This class covers a basic introduction to the Jewish lifecycle (weddings, birth, ...

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Introduction to the Jewish Experience: Traditions of Judaism

I120C-TS Instructors: Adar Starting: 04/04/2018 Location: Temple Sinai

Since the very beginning, the People of Israel have had multiple understandings and expressions of a living Torah. In this class we will study the varieties of Judaism in the 21st century. That list includes ...

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Mussar for Modern Life

P450D-TS Instructors: Kolman Antebi Starting: 12/09/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

Mussar is a centuries-old Jewish system of character development that has regained popularity as a spiritual practice in our modern age. Through interactive exercises, text study, contemplative practices, writing and discussion, this class will explore ...