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Courses by location: Temple Sinai

Temple Sinai

2808 Summit Street

Oakland, CA 94609


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Jews and Whiteness

H200-TS Instructors: Dollinger Starting: 02/26/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

Are American Jews white? The question, answered differently by different generations of American Jews, gets at the heart of American Jewish identity. Have Jews remained separate and distinct from the rest of middle-class America or ...

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Judaisms: A Twenty-First-Century Introduction to Jews and Jewish Identities

H400-TS Instructors: Hahn Tapper Starting: 03/26/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

Jewish identity is probably not what you think it is, and likely never was, contends Aaron J. Hahn Tapper in Judaisms: A Twenty-First-Century Introduction to Jews and Jewish Identities. This new book views Judaism as ...

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Mourning And Grief: After The Death

G500-TS Instructors: Chester Starting: 04/20/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

In this essential session we will address Kaddish basics, what the Jewish tradition says about mourning and grief and memory, and how to gather community support. We will create a safe place to share special ...

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On Stage: Hand to God at Berkeley Rep

A300-TS Instructors: Chester Starting: 03/02/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

Are we responsible for our actions or can we blame our destructive urges on the devil, the id, or childhood trauma? Hand to God uncovers the psychological darkness in its characters and seems to blame ...

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Passover's Famous Four

BC700C-TS Instructors: Adar Starting: 04/06/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

While the story of Passover has a cast of thousands according to Biblical tradition, the text really revolves around four persons: Moses, Pharaoh, Aaron and Miriam. Each session of our course will delve into the ...

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Power, Privilege, and BDS

H250-TS Instructors: Dollinger Starting: 03/19/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

How has the racial definition of Jews influenced our relationships with other ethnic communities? With Jews of color in our own community? Around such contentious issues as Israel, Zionism, and BDS? Come explore how the ...

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The Book of Ruth

BC700B-TS Instructors: Adar Starting: 01/19/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

This brief but fascinating text touches so many bases in our understanding of the Biblical world: daily life, family, clan and national identity, and the roles and limitations of women. It also serves as a ...

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The Most Trusted Jew in America: Jon Stewart's Jewishness

H300-TS Instructors: Hammerman Starting: 04/30/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

This class covers how Jon Stewart constructed a vulnerable Jewish persona as a way to engender trust with a large audience, even though Jews have historically been mistrusted by non-Jews. His game of playing up ...

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When Life is Over: Where is Your Soul? Jewish Perspectives on the Afterlife

G600-TS Instructors: Wolf-Prusan Starting: 03/09/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

In this conversation we will survey the diverse range of Jewish conceptions of the soul, the afterlife, resurrection, and reincarnation. We will also reflect on some of the big questions at the end of life: ...

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iEngage: Jewish Values and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict — A Project of the Shalom Hartman Institute

H500-TS Instructors: Mates-Muchin Starting: 10/09/2016 Location: Temple Sinai

Through the study of Jewish narratives about Israel and the unpacking of the complex meanings of peace in Jewish tradition, participants will explore the ideas and values that animate different attitudes toward the conflict and ...