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Courses by location: Congregation Beth El

Congregation Beth El

1301 Oxford Street

Berkeley, CA 94709


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A Jewish Democratic State: Creating Shared Space for All People in Israel

P500-CBE Instructors: Ron Starting: 11/14/2017 Location: Congregation Beth El

Every fifth citizen in Israel belongs to the Arab minority. This group's integration in Israeli society constitutes a difficult challenge, given that their fellow Arabs in the Middle East are in a state of war ...

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Advanced Biblical Hebrew 3: Ancient Israel’s Power Politics: Prophets, Priests and Kings

L310-CBE Instructors: Grist Starting: 10/01/2017 Location: Congregation Beth El

In an era of political turmoil, it’s informative (and perhaps comforting) to examine an ancient predecessor. Our class will review episodes from the centuries-long conflict between the three key branches of ancient Israel’s government: the ...

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Beginning Prayerbook/Biblical Hebrew 1A

L100-CBE Instructors: Grist Starting: 10/01/2017 Location: Congregation Beth El

Discover the essentials of Prayerbook Hebrew, starting with the alphabet, vowels, sight reading and basic grammar, all in a friendly, supportive environment. We'll also learn some of the key Prayerbook melodies, and discuss the meaning ...

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Intermediate Prayerbook/Biblical Hebrew 2B

L200B-CBE Instructors: Grist Starting: 10/01/2017 Location: Congregation Beth El

The fourth semester of the introductory sequence of Biblical Hebrew grammar, this course covers the more complex features of the language, and introduces students to the process of translating and analyzing texts found in the ...

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Lehrhaus Philosophy Circle: The Zohar in Aramaic

PC600-CBE Instructors: Matt Starting: 09/13/2017 Location: Congregation Beth El

This special section of the Zohar program is led by Prof. Daniel Matt and is for students with the ability to follow the Zohar in the original (facility in either Hebrew or Aramaic). The Aramaic ...