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Courses by instructor: Jehon Grist

Jehon Grist

Jehon GristJehon Grist, Ph.D., is Chief Operating Officer and Senior Educator of Lehrhaus Judaica. He earned his doctorate in Near Eastern Studies from UC Berkeley, where he was a Regents' Fellow. He has conducted field research in Israel, the Gaza Strip, and the Valley of the Queens in southern Egypt.

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Advanced Biblical Hebrew 3: I Swear! Oaths and Curses in the Bible

L315-PHB Instructors: Grist Starting: 04/02/2017 Location: A Private Home in Berkeley

In the modern world where talk is cheap, an oath or a curse caries little weight. In the ancient Near East, the potential power of words was taken very seriously, whether uttered by deities or ...

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Intermediate Prayerbook/Biblical Hebrew 2A

L200A-PHB Instructors: Grist Starting: 04/02/2017 Location: A Private Home in Berkeley

The third semester of the introductory sequence of Biblical Hebrew grammar, this course covers the more complex features of the language commonly found in Biblical and Siddur (prayerbook) texts. We will continue to introduce features ...

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Intermediate/Advanced Biblical Hebrew 2D

L200D-PHB Instructors: Grist Starting: 04/02/2017 Location: A Private Home in Berkeley

We will complete our overview of the Hebrew verb system, and continue to build Biblical text translation and analysis skills, using Bibleworks software in class. We will also translate sample texts from the Hebrew Bible. ...

Lost Goddess: The Life and Death of the Divine Feminine in the Biblical World

H400-TBE Instructors: Grist Starting: 05/03/2017 Location: Temple Beth El

Like it or not, most of us consciously or unconsciously think of God as "He". But scanning through the ancient religious lives of Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Hittites, Canaanites and also Israelites, we see a generous number ...

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Moses, Akhenaten and the Troubled Birth of Monotheism (Online course)

H400-LJ Instructors: Grist Starting: 05/24/2017 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

3,370 years ago (give or take) marks the birth moment of the first one-god faith: Akhenaten's Atenism. It failed, but the second attempt ultimately gave birth to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. While Akhenaten leaves not ...

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The Jews of Italy: A Journey of 2,000 Years

H600-CC Instructors: Grist Starting: 05/01/2017 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

This web-based course offers 6 hours of interactive information about the history and culture of Italian Jewry over two millennia. Whether you're planning a trip to Italy or simply interested in exploring the topic digitally, ...

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The Temple Isaiah Israel Pre-Tour Course

H300-TI Instructors: Grist Starting: 04/30/2017 Location: Temple Isaiah

Join us for a virtual visit through Israel's ancient and modern history, following the itinerary of the upcoming Temple Isaiah tour. Our course will begin with a journey through the key sites and events of ...

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What Really Happened in the Exodus? A Discovery Day for Kids and Parents

H225-TS Instructors: Grist Starting: 04/23/2017 Location: Temple Sinai

Jewish tradition tells us to live Passover as if we ourselves were there with Moses over 3,000 years ago. This class gives you a chance to do just that. We will discover the land of ...