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Courses by instructor: Jehon Grist

Jehon Grist

Jehon GristJehon Grist, Ph.D., is Chief Operating Officer and Senior Educator of Lehrhaus Judaica. He earned his doctorate in Near Eastern Studies from UC Berkeley, where he was a Regents' Fellow. He has conducted field research in Israel, the Gaza Strip, and the Valley of the Queens in southern Egypt.

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Advanced Biblical Hebrew 3: Ancient Israel’s Power Politics: Prophets, Priests and Kings

L310-CBE Instructors: Grist Starting: 10/01/2017 Location: Congregation Beth El

In an era of political turmoil, it’s informative (and perhaps comforting) to examine an ancient predecessor. Our class will review episodes from the centuries-long conflict between the three key branches of ancient Israel’s government: the ...

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Beginning Prayerbook/Biblical Hebrew 1A

L100-CBE Instructors: Grist Starting: 10/01/2017 Location: Congregation Beth El

Discover the essentials of Prayerbook Hebrew, starting with the alphabet, vowels, sight reading and basic grammar, all in a friendly, supportive environment. We'll also learn some of the key Prayerbook melodies, and discuss the meaning ...

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Intermediate Prayerbook/Biblical Hebrew 2B

L200B-CBE Instructors: Grist Starting: 10/01/2017 Location: Congregation Beth El

The fourth semester of the introductory sequence of Biblical Hebrew grammar, this course covers the more complex features of the language, and introduces students to the process of translating and analyzing texts found in the ...

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Moses, Akhenaten and the Troubled Birth of Monotheism (Online Option)

H400-LJ Instructors: Grist Starting: 10/02/2017 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

3,370 years ago (give or take) marks the birth moment of the first one-god faith: Akhenaten's Atenism in Egypt. It failed, but the second attempt (in Israel) ultimately gave birth to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. ...

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The Jews of Italy: A Journey of 2,000 Years

H600-CC Instructors: Grist Starting: 10/01/2017 Location: Lehrhaus Judaica

This web-based course offers six hours of interactive information about the history and culture of Italian Jewry over two millennia. Whether you're planning a trip to Italy or simply interested in exploring the topic digitally, ...