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Courses by instructor: Estelle Frankel

Estelle Frankel

Estelle FrankelEstelle Frankel, MFT, is a practicing psychotherapist, spiritual guide, and seasoned teacher of Jewish mysticism and meditation, who blends the healing wisdom and spiritual practices of Kabbalah and Musar with depth psychology. She has taught Jewish studies in Israel and throughout the U.S. for over forty years, and is part of the spiritual leadership team at Chochmat HaLev in Berkeley, Ca. Estelle is the author of numerous essays on Judaism and psychology and the groundbreaking book on the integration of kabbalah and psychotherapy, Sacred Therapy: Jewish Spiritual Teachings on Emotional Healing and Inner Wholeness. Her forthcoming book, The Wisdom of Not Knowing, will be released in Spring 2017. Additional info at http://www.sacredtherapy.com.

The Open Faith Salon — Befriending the Unknown and Embracing Uncertainty: Inter-religious perspectives

P300-CHL Instructors: Frankel Starting: 03/05/2017 Location: Chochmat HaLev

Since the 2016 election many of us have been in a state of heightened anxiety. So much is unknown and uncertain, and fear is a common response to uncertainty. We humans love to “know” and ...

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The Wisdom of Not Knowing: Jewish Spiritual Teachings on the Unknown

P500-CHL Instructors: Frankel Starting: 03/09/2017 Location: Chochmat HaLev

“The ultimate purpose of knowledge is to know that we don’t know.” —Rabbi Yehudah Bedersi, Bechinat Olam For most of us, the "unknown" is both friend and foe. At times it is a source of ...